Fair Use Policy

This Fair Use Policy applies to the handling of data from websites or applications that refer to this Fair Use Policy:

https://www.vobesoft.nl; https://www.vobesoft.com

1. Fair Use :)

A Fair Use Policy applies to the use of data and mail traffic at VobeSoft. This means that you can basically process unlimited data within VobeSoft. However, when sending data processing is no longer considered reasonable and appropriate to your subscription form, VobeSoft can intervene. When we reach the conclusion that your data use exceeds our fair use policy, we will look into a suitable solution in consultation with you. It may be that a part of the capacity has to be reallocated to you in combination with a new subscription type. The fair use policy is primarily intended to prevent abuse. That is why the following rule applies:

Your use of VobeSoft may not cause a disproportionate load on the server.

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