To further enhance your experience, beyond the scope of the Core module, you can take a look at our various modules.


The core module is the foundation of each VobeSoft account and consists of the following features:

Completely adjustable

The core module is entirely adjustable. Choose your own object files, input fields, validation, roles, rights and business widgets.

Cloud platform

Don’t worry about managing and maintaining software. VobeSoft is cloud / SaaS solution, any device with an internet connection can open VobeSoft from any location.

Roles and rights

The core module features an extensive self-configurable role and rights module. This is based on the CRUD model: - create, read, update and delete rights.

Infinitely connect API’s

VobeSoft has an "open architecture" and is connectable to any other application or device (IoT). Every widget on the VobeSoft dashboard has an API entry point.


Create overview by processing your data faster and smarter. Easily drag cards from one phase to the next. Get rid of all the complex excel files and post it’s on your desk. Organise and prioritize your organisation in a fun, flexible and profitable manner.


Make clear what objects, for example tasks are already done or has yet to be done by individuals. Whether that is customers, colleagues, or suppliers.


Work smarter by dynamically planning your activities. Create an overview of all your object statuses for example customer status and sales pipelines.

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Create your own webforms based uppon your VobeSoft objects and implement them wherever you want.


Create your own webforms based uppon your VobeSoft objects and implement them wherever you want.

Fast and efficient

The forms module helps you to work quickly and efficiently. Tasks and data are automatically assigned to the right person or department.

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Customer Portal

Give your partners, customers or suppliers access to their personal "my environment portal". With the Customer Portal module you can offer all your clients an online environment.


Offer your customers the opportunity to view and edit data in the Customer Portal VobeSoft environment which syncs real time with your VobeSoft platform.


By offering your objects like customers 24/7 acces into their online files, you can create as many service-oriented processes as possible.

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VobeSoft can be used to connect to any webservice. This way, our software can be used to comminucate with any other program.

Tied to a specific program? Just use our system to import or show your date in VobeSoft.

Contact us with any questions regarding the integrations.

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