Vobe Unity

Unite all your applications, devices (IoT) and data in one dashboard and platform

Unite all your enterprise apps, applications, devices and data into one dashboard and platform. Get one overview of your customers or other objects. Add workflows, send or synchronise data real time with other apps.

Fully connectable and accessible

Unite all your data that comes from any application or device within Vobe Unity. Get and collect the perfect overview of all important objects or events within your business. Add workflows, send or synchronize objects and data real time with other applications.

Create the overview with perfect processes

Configure and set up the eco system that suits you best. VobeSoft helps you to ensure that all systems work together optimally. You decide how.

1 dashboard 1 clear view

Compile the perfect dashboard with only relevant and accurate data. You never have to click around in different systems, but you work from one dashboard. Determine how and when objects or data should be collected and when mutations should be made to other applications or devices.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Connect devices such as drones, refrigerators or whatever real-time and determine what data is being synchronized to Vobe Unity and what kind of workflow or process triggers it.


Add widgets to your dashboard with data, livestream videos from drones or camaras or statuses of objects such as customers, tasks or actions that come from any application, device or system.


Set up the way VobeSoft should synchronize with your IT architecture and determine which system(s) are leading in data.

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