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5 ways to improve your sales

October 7, 2021

If you chose to read this article, you might just be an incredible sales talent, or you might be on your way to becoming one. In any case, some tips to boost your conversion will never hurt anyone. Therefore, we will give you five tips to make your sales strategy kick ass. Also we will tell how Vobesoft can give you exactly what you need to make your sales strategy a (huge) success.

5 ways to improve your sales.

1. The advantage of the advantage

What is the reason that you choose to buy Coca Cola Light instead of regular Coke? Because it tastes better? No you don’t. You probably do so because you get fewer calories for (almost) the same taste. This results in less belly fat. That is an advantage. You buy it for the advantage of the product, not for the product itself. If you understand where I am getting at, you will understand that it is very important to know what you are selling, but most importantly WHY you are selling it. What is the advantage of your product? And be sure it makes people drop pounds.

2. Cold acquisition, we are all guilty

Doing cold acquisition is probably not your favourite thing to do. You might even (like me) detest it, a little bit. However, that is not a well enough reason to prevent you from doing it. Cold acquisition is one of the few ways to introduce new customers to your (awesome) product and the advantages that using your product will provide them. But! If you do it, do it well prepared and keep track of the people you have already spoken to. Write down how they have reacted. This way you will know exactly who doesn’t like your calls and who might be interested. For environmental and organizational reasons, you shouldn’t use a piece of paper for this. Vobesoft provides a neat customer log, where you can keep track of all your conversations.

3. Partnerships for life

You should always focus on partnerships that will last you a lifetime. As we all know, love is in the little things, so pay attention to those. Remember your customer’ birthday and provide him with a discount on this special day. Aside from promotions like these, it is very important that your customer knows that you are aware of his preferences. Keep track of all correspondence in your back office. Make sure you are ready for him when he calls. He wants to talk to a professional, not just someone answering to phone that will reconnect him a hundred times. Be of the best service by having his dossier ready in your back office and help him as well and quickly as you can.

4. You can sit with us

Are you about to launch a new product? Are you throwing a unicorn-glitter party? Or have you given your website a facelift? Make sure that your customers know before anyone else. Keep your customers in your inner circle and keep them up to date. Only théy are aware of the latest and newest.

5. Be genuine

It all sounds pretty good, don’t you think? All these stories about sales and how you are going to make your business flourish. However, never, ever forget to stay genuine. Selling your product is not the main purpose. The purpose is to bond with your customers, make them love your company and become part of your community. Not because the rules of sales tell you this is the way to go. Believe in your product and genuinely enjoy every single conversation you have.

Well, now you have had a little bit of inside in how we do it at Vobesoft. We are transparent as glass. And that is exactly what we want to be. Well! Get on with it. Pick up that phone. Go get ‘em tiger.