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How a travel agency got grip on business operations, resulting in optimal service by working in a more effective and structured way



Saved trees

each year by using VobeSoft

Meet Geardropper

Geardropper offers unforgettable and comfortable camping experience in the midst of nature including the best camping gear. Bas Sonnevelt, founder of Geardropper says: “It’s our dream is to make carefree camping trips with unlimited freedom available to everyone. To reassure that, we provide a user-friendly (1- or 2person) set of camping equipment on location that is clean, complete and comfortable. Our concept enables people to catch a flight to your destination of choice and combine that with the ultimate camping experience. By doing so, we give our guests a chance to experience nature and freedom combined with safety, comfort, and ease. No need to drag along a lot of gear on the plane when we provide everything on site!”

The solution

Geardropper implemented the CRM template and adjusted it to their needs. This way they could store all of the data of people or companies that they had contact with. Managing partners, customers and locations inside one platform. This way we could create structure for them, making their business run smoother and more effictive and saving them a lot of money.

Sales and lead generation

Opportunities are identified and automatically enter a correct workflow. Subsequently, a standard process is followed for converting opportunities. Leads automatically sync via linked landing pages within VobeSoft workflows.

Supplier management for travel organizations

Every supplier is stored and qualified according the requirements that Geardropper sets for its suppliers. VobeSoft matches supply and demand. This matching process is provided by VobeSoft. Communication to suppliers also takes place via VobeSoft. New responses from the supplier also show up directly under the correct supplier file.


Projects and associated tasks are administered in VobeSoft. These tasks and projects are linked to suppliers, leads or customers. Triggers are set to events when a schedule is compromised.


All contact moments are stored within VobeSoft. E-mail, whatsapp, social or phone calls. Incidents or requests are created as a ticket and are processed structurally by the suport department of Geardropper. No more loose emails, but a 360-degree view of a ticket or customer.


  • Never any vague files
  • operational management is organized tightly and lean
  • cost savings achieved in various areas
"The VobeSoft CRM platform is a guide and useful for managing all travel organizations and other partners. By using VobeSoft, your company will become more effective and save money. VobeSoft is the most new and best CRM that lets you create your own system environment. Structure and effectiveness are must haves in a company and VobeSoft can help achieve this. When using Vobe, you will convert more deals and productivity improves"

Bas Sonnevelt

Founder & Director, Geardropper