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How Seever simplified their workflows to make their business operations run more efficiently




objects inside the pipeflow

The solution

Seever configured her own solution within Vobe Custom. Find out below how Seever applies VobeSoft.

Overview management

Within VobeSoft you can dynamicly configure multiple dashboards. All employees can add their own widgets so each teammember has a personalized overview. In this way we can see at any time how our data stands for. Hence, we now have a clear overview of all important processes.

Dossier management

Thanks to Vobesoft we now always have a permanent cloud platform where we can manage the files of the influencers and management teams.


We work with the VobeSoft Pipeflow module. We can immediately see which influencer is in what phase of our workflow process. Working this way is very useful to work consistently and manage the different contacts.


  • More efficient operations
  • Saving a huge amount of time
  • User-friendly and clearly arranged for all employees
"VobeSoft's technology has made our work a lot easier. We used to work with all kind of different tools from Google. Since working with VobeSoft we work alot more efficient, the biggest difference for us is the fact we have a clear overview of all important data. Making personalized workflows never has been zo easy! All employees are very satisfied with the VobeSoft platform."

Menno Stuyts

Co-founder, Seever