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Claim Management Software

Claim Management

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A complete, dynamic and configurable claims administration system.

Be able to facilitate, register and administer different types of claims in a digitalized way within one platform. Set up different claim administration processes or choose one generic process depending on the working method within the organization. Where necessary, it is possible to integrate existing systems. Handle specific claims STP (Straight-Trough Processing). Choose self-service or extensive per claim consulting depending on your organization's business model. Scale, based on your organisation needs. When starting as a new player on the insurance market your priorities may differ than a big large enterprise.

Claim Management
Claim Management
Claim Management
Claim Management
Claim Management
Claim ManagementClaim ManagementClaim ManagementClaim ManagementClaim Management

What are the main benefits of using

Claim Management


  • Next level configuration
    Configure your personalized claims experience for faster claims handling and to exceed customer expectations. Create automations combined with workflows for high-level efficiency. Be an example for your competitors and be there for your customers when they need you the most: filling in a claim.
  • Real-time information
    Create and configure dashboards using real-time information for your claims team. Use widgets that you can set up to serve your business from any possible angle or context to become purely data-driven.
  • Keep the human touch
    When human judgment and empathy is required, you can make sure your automation and workflows are configured to handle this need.
  • Financial reserves and solvability
    Guarantee stability for your financials by setting automated signals when big claims are expected.
  • Prototype complex or simple FNOL forms
    Change is the only constant, so optimizing your FNOL forms is crucial for an optimal claims experience.

This template was created in coorporation with ICTRecht. For more information or for any inquiries, feel free to reach out to Koen van Jaarsveld at

Who is ICTRecht?

ICTRecht is a leading legal consultancy in the areas of ICT, privacy, data, security, technology, AI and intellectual property. With extensive practical experience and in-depth legal expertise, ICTRecht supports organizations in navigating complex legal issues in the digital world.

Further enhance your experience, beyond the scope of our core product.

The core of our product already has a lot to offer. But to expand on this scope we created modules that help you achieve your business goals.

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