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December 2022

Prefered date format, current user criteria & more

Set your own date format

Telling you how to work with software has never been our thing. You should be able to tell the software how you want it to work. And why not expand on this vision with more of our features? Therefore you can now set your own date notation and separator instead of predefining this based on the language you have selected.

How to use it? Go to your profile and choose the notation and separator that best suits your needs.

Date format and seperator options

Some of you already found the feature without our release notes, and we are happy to share that we are already working on the most requested addition to this new feature: being able to set your own time notation (12-hour / 24-hour).

Use the current user as a criteria

Getting the Easiest Admin badge from G2 twice a row made us look extra critical at our admin features (you can read more about our latest G2 badges here). One of the main things our admins do is create the views for their users so that each department has, next to unique user views, standardized views to give the option for a uniform way of working.

With this new feature, you can set up criteria with the dynamic value of the 'Current user' for user fields. This opens up a lot of possibilities for admins as it can be used within shared dashboards, making it unique for the person viewing it, or using it for conditional logic so that, for example (in an HR context), only the manager of an employee can edit the employment status while all other managers can still read it. As with all VobeSoft features, the possibilities are endless, and we are curious to see what our admins come up with!

🦋 Improvements

  • Using your arrow keys in a numeric field will now increase or decrease the value; use your alt(+-0,1), shift (+-10), and ctrl(+-100) keys for smaller or larger changes
  • Opening the agenda will now always open the last state you had open
  • Showing multiple choices in a list column will no longer cutoff with ... but instead will show the number of choices you can't see
  • Changed the criteria selectors for date type fields from 'smaller than' and 'bigger than' to 'earlier than' and 'later than'
  • Changed the size of the headers in our tag emails to improve the readability
  • You can now create lists without criteria, making it possible to show all items of a selected dossier/object

🪲 Bug fixes

  • Checkbox gives an empty value if not filled instead of 'no'
  • You should be able to remove file attachments from forms
  • Admins should not be able to hide or read only a field that is part of the conditional logic
  • The tag mail doesn't navigate to the right tab when you have a slow connection
  • Inactive users should be visible if they are selected in a user field
  • Choice type fields are not displayed in the calendar personalization
  • All users are able to edit shared dashboards, and not only the admins