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So how did VobeSoft come to be?

Jeroen Berens and Roel Voogt illustrated

The attic story

Vobesoft, founded by two friends in an attic room: Roel Voogt and Jeroen Berens.

With a background in gaming, IT and business they saw that keeping track of a business in an IT system was a complicated and costly process.

A process that had been running according to an old system for far too long. Adapting it was almost impossible without expensive consultants.

Our mission

With their passion for business, they understood that there are more important things than keeping track of background processes. After all, your company has something to offer the world and that's what matters. Together they created a system that takes the hassle out of business.

It's completely modular and can be set up only for what you need. This is reflected in the costs. VobeSoft makes sure that you can focus your time and attention on the things that are really important. Think of VobeSoft as a new colleague. No matter how small or big your company is.

Meanwhile, VobeSoft helps companies in all kinds of sectors to run their business successfully.


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