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The dossier builder

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VobeSoft platform empty dossier builder

The heart of VobeSoft

Using the dossier builder you can create a blueprint of all the dossiers that are relevant to your business operations. Create input fields within dossiers and link dossiers together. Take for example a declaration. This has the input fields name, date, details, cost, image (picture of the receipt) and status. When this declaration is added, a task can be automatically sent to a user. This is just one of the examples of a file, the only limitation is your creativity.
VobeSoft platform dossier builder

Create whatever you need

A dossier can be everything, from a 'relation' to a 'building'. You create the template that you need and add as many fields as you need to create the perfect solution for your business needs.

Connection between VobeSoft dossiers

Keep growing

Need an extra input field or did your sales flow get an extra step? No problem, with VobeSoft you will never be limited again. Go add whatever you want to run your business better.