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4 Best Practices for Optimizing Your Recurring Business Operations

November 24, 2021

Regardless of what department you are in, it can be pretty hard to boost creativity at the office if tasks are very routine and repetitive. Tracking sales, managing contacts, capturing leads, data, entry, and other similar tasks can take a toll on the productivity of your employees. When you repeatedly do something, it can lead to boredom which can result in errors and mistakes.

According to a Business Standard article, employees spend over 3 hours on repetitive tasks that can be automated. Recurring tasks put a big dent in the company’s efficiency and overall processes but can be resolved by adopting the right technologies.

Read more on how to optimize work processes in your company, which will help you and your team focus on what matters the most.

4 Best Practices for Optimizing Your Recurring Business Operations

Identify the recurring tasks

Before adopting any software or technology, it is best to list the tasks and processes daily, weekly, quarterly, or annually. As you and your team do this, you will be able to pinpoint the categories of recurring tasks. It will be helpful to also check the time spent on each task and the frequency it needs to be completed. 

From here, you may research tools and optimal solutions. If you don't have the luxury of time to do this baseline check, you may opt to schedule a demo or consultation with CRM providers to identify your organization's needs. VobeSoft offers free live demos and calls with their in-house expert to guide you towards better tasks management.

Communicate the change to employees

One common mistake of companies when trying out a new system is failing to introduce the game plan to everyone. Brief your employees on reducing tasks to avoid confusion and efficiently streamline the transition to automation.

Involve all stakeholders who will be affected by this change. Scheduling of appointments in your company is probably done through manual calls, and automating this will lead to online filling out of forms only. This change in process may be missed out on by your partners or customers if not properly communicated.

Help your staff make a good transition by not leaving anyone behind and ensuring that all departments are given avenues to join in the change. VobeSoft has existing solutions for different teams, namely, Marketing, Service, IT, Sales, Operations, and HR. It will be easy for you to integrate a business process optimization strategy with VobeSoft because different templates are available for respective teams. With this, no employee will be left behind.

Setup and reinforce habits

Introducing automation to an organization that got used to doing tasks manually can be quite a challenge. It takes getting used to a new system. 

According to a Business Wire article, 86% of the respondents of the UIpath survey wish they were offered opportunities to acquire new skills. New systems and automation is a way to upskill your employees who are willing to adapt to the goals of your company. Don’t waste your investment in technologies by not maximizing their features.

VobeSoft offers easy-to-navigate CRM, workflow, policy, or administration tools for your company. It will be easy for employees to incorporate it into their work routine. You can easily input fields by using the Dossier Builder of VobeSoft. All relevant business operations can be assigned to a dossier. This will give you a complete blueprint of all the ongoing tasks. 

Connect all tools

You won’t be able to maximize the benefits of optimization techniques without integrating all the tools that you and your team already use in one place. Automation must be done seamlessly which can be achieved by automatically moving information or performing tasks between your main platform and other apps. Cloud-based services offer this type of convenience. Based on a study by 451 research, 90% of companies embrace cloud migration.

VobeSoft is completely cloud-run. Your employees may access the system at any device from any location. Furthermore, VobeSoft is linkable with any application with its “open architecture.” With this “open architecture,” you can easily connect the tools you use every day, provided that it has an API. Some of the tools you may link with VobeSoft are e-Boekhouden, Office 365, WordPress, Dropbox, Gmail, Google Calendar, Drupal, and MailChimp.

Carving your own optimization

The importance of optimization in business is not usually emphasized when talking about business management careers. Hence, you must do your due diligence to figure out what works best for the circumstances in your company. No two businesses are alike. Therefore, custom-made solutions are the way to go. 

VobeSoft is a dynamic, no-code software that leaves room for configuration and customization. You have the option to add specific modules depending on what your employees need. Pipeflow is an example of this module which lets you process data clearly with its great visualization features that mimic post-its on a bulletin board. 

Learn more about other modules which you can use to optimize your business by booking a demo here.