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4 reasons why running your bussiness in the cloud is a good idea

October 7, 2021

Often when the idea is introduced to move all business data or applications to a cloud solution this gets a lot of resistance. Not necessarily because it is a bad idea but because people tend to stick to the familiar. Besides people often think that they need to learn a whole different skill-set to be able to work with cloud software. However with the right cloud platform this does not have to be the case. And be honest, no one started their business to constantly being busy with all the background processes that are needed to run it. Everyone who lives in the 21st century knows the benefits of working in a cloud solution. But if you are not (yet) quite as hip, here are 4 reasons why you should run your business in the cloud.

4 reasons why running your bussiness in the cloud is a good idea

1. Save time and money

First and foremost it saves your business a lot of money. For example: When you use a software solution you need hardware and software. Not to mention installation, assistance or other initial costs. Cloud services mostly offer a pay-per-user or pay-per-module that can be scaled to your business needs. Furthermore you will save money on IT- equipment, upgrades and support when you move your background processes to the cloud.

2. Access important data anywhere and anytime

The fast-paced business environment requires everyone to have access to work files anytime, anywhere. This is difficult when you need to be near a laptop or computer. The benefits of a cloud solution is that both management and employees can access all relevant files any time on any device. You and all your colleagues have secured access to all applications, calendars and email on all possible devices with a internet connection. Approving a document while watching your favorite Netflix series will be just as easy as it would be behind your desk.

3. Better collaboration

If the majority of the communication in your business is through email you know what the downfalls of this communication method is. Lots of information gets lost, retrieving an email can be a time consuming job and approvals or rejections often get delayed. Service tools (like Vobe Service ;) helps you get rid of these impossibly frustrating necessities. They are designed to make the communication more efficient. Functionalities like sharing a document or the ability to work on a document together ensures that there only is one document in instead of twelve. Last but not least an integrated chat function makes it possible for all colleagues to talk to each other making collaboration more effective.

4. Safe

Everyone knows that moment when all computers shut down and someone says ‘’didn’t you make a backup? You should always make a backup’’. The answer to this question is usually no (followed by lot of frustration). Losing the document you were working on is annoying but your data getting stolen is much worse. Cloud software makes sure that none of you data gets lost because it is always safely stored in the cloud. All your important information will be secured when the primary system gets shut down by for example a power failure or hard disk failure.

Only 4?

You might be thinking, "are there only 4 reasons?". And the awnser there is no, while these are 4 of the main reasons there are many more why cloud adoption is a good idea for your business.