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Unite all your enterprise apps, applications, devices and data into one dashboard and platform.

Unite all your applications, devices (IoT) and data in one dashboard and platform. Get one overview of your customers or any other object. Add workflows, send or synchronise data real time with other apps. Receive and collect the perfect overview of all important objects or events within your business. Add workflows, send or synchronize objects and data real time with other applications.


What are the main benefits of using



  • Connect everything
    Create overview for your business by connecting all business applications inside one platform for the ultimate overview.
  • Make data-driven decisions
    Import data from your integrations and quickly generate high-level visual reports which combine data from all different sources for better insights.
  • Create efficient workflows
    All your users in the same environment means no more switching between all different apps creating efficient workflow possibilities.

One dashboard, One clear view

Compile the perfect dashboard with only relevant and accurate data. No need to click through different programs. Simply work within one dashboard. Determine how and when objects or data should be collected and when mutations should be made to other applications or devices.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Connect devices to Vobesoft and determine which data is being synchronized to Vobe Unity and what kind of workflow or process the data triggers. You can even connect your drone or refrigerator, if that’s what you prefer.


Add widgets to your dashboard with data, livestream videos from drones, cameras or object statuses. For example customers, tasks or actions that come from any application, device or system.


Set up the way VobeSoft should synchronize with your IT architecture and determine which system(s) are leading in data.

This template was created in coorporation with ICTRecht. For more information or for any inquiries, feel free to reach out to Koen van Jaarsveld at

Who is ICTRecht?

ICTRecht is a leading legal consultancy in the areas of ICT, privacy, data, security, technology, AI and intellectual property. With extensive practical experience and in-depth legal expertise, ICTRecht supports organizations in navigating complex legal issues in the digital world.

Further enhance your experience, beyond the scope of our core product.

The core of our product already has a lot to offer. But to expand on this scope we created modules that help you achieve your business goals.

VobeSoft platform pages

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The modules recommended below are based on how real teams use this template. Remember every template is completely customizable, so feel free to add or remove modules to find what works best for you.

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Centralize all your work with integrations

Connect VobeSoft with the tools you already use to have all your team's work in one place. Integrations help you automatically move information or perform tasks between VobeSoft and other apps.

This template works best with these integrations


The integrations recommended below are based on how real teams use this template. Remember every template is completely customizable, so feel free to add or remove integrations to find what works best for you.