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Vobe Custom

Create your own solution

Vobe Custom enables you to create your own solution within the VobeSoft platform. Our no-code software enables you to set up your own system with the functionalities you need. This way you can set the enviroment to match your companies unique needs. Let your creativity on the loose on a blank canvas. No more need for extensive consultancy.
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Create your own blueprints

Create dossier templates with Vobe Custom, for example: ‘relations, vacancy, residence’. Add as many properties, using our wide array of property types, as desired and start keeping track.
VobeSoft platform dossier builder

Tailor it to your needs

By creating a product that is dynamic from the core up you can create the software solution that you have always wanted.

Connection between VobeSoft dossiers

Keep growing

Need an extra input field or did your sales flow get an extra step? No problem, with VobeSoft you will never be limited again. Go add whatever you want to run your business better.

Customize everything

Property types

• Autonummeric (automatic unique number generation)
• Creation date (automatic date of creation generation)
• Date
• Signature
• Dropdown and multiselect
• Long textfield
• Employees (dropdown of VobeSoft users)
• Valuta
    > $ - (USD)
    > € - (EUR)
    > ¥ - (JPY)
    > £ - (GBP)
    > Fr, - (CHR)
• Percentage %
• Dossier (create relations between dossiers)
• Time period
• Checkbox
• Textfield

Custom categories

Just like plain dossiers/files, your digital dossier consists of various categories/labels/tabs.

Create as many tabs as necessary within your dossiers.

You can use "normal" tabs or create tabs in which a user can enter data multiple times.

Default tabs
File tab: Upload and manage files for every dossier.

Comments tab: Leave behind handy notes regarding a specific dossier.


VobeSoft's core offers adjustable widgets. Every user can configure his own personal dashboard.

Welcomer widget
Everything you need to start your workday afresh.

List / workflow widget
Create lists, overviews, workflows or personal work trays.

Link widget
Create shortcuts to various pages within VobeSoft.

Get an overview of the latest changes within your organization.

Comminucate with your fellow colleagues.

A flashy notepad to store your creative ideas and more.

File overview
An overview of all files within the organization.