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How Wilma's Tuin made work of their weaknesses by configuring leaner processes

Wilma's Tuin





wasteful processes




Go-Live (including migration pre-used CRM and workflow system)

Meet Wilma's Tuin

The webshop for: plants, plant care, animals, seeds, potting soils, gardening tools and all kinds of other growing accessories. Every garden looks different and everyone has their own taste. Therefore they created the company so there is something for everyone! The range consists of different categories, namely: plant food, gifts, growing systems, garden tools, children's items, flower pots, potting soil and substrate, pesticides and seeds.

The solution

Wilma's Tuin analyzed what their weaknesses were. When the report was finished, they came to the conclusion it was necessary to completely change their existing CRM and workflow system. They needed a business platform that focusses on leaner processes, workflows, and creating one 360 degree overview of all business objects. They prototyped several solutions untill they found the perfect match. When tested, Wilma's Tuin went live.


Projects and tasks pass through a number of phases. These can be processed, inspected or created by all involved project members.

Triggers and automations

Each store that buys products from Wilma's Tuin gets updated after each visit and specific triggers will automate marketing and sales processes.


When a wrong batch is produced or deliverd this will be administerd within VobeSoft. A track and trace process will be triggerd so Wilma;s Tuin can identify the problem and make sure measures are in place so it does not occur next time.

Contactmanagement /CRM

All contact moments are stored and linked to relevant processes and lists. Sales funnels are generated and reporting is in place.


Customer due diligence and Know your Customer processes are configured within the CRM part of VobeSoft.

Complaint settlement

Complaints are dealt with professionally and provided with 360-degree feedback.


  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Seamless customer service
  • enhanced customer intelligence
  • Optimal and lean aftersales
  • processes
  • BPM methodology is implemented within most processes