The next-gen cloud solution

VobeSoft wants to help your business be efficient, cost saving and effective. We have 3 predefined configurations set-up to fit your business needs: Vobe CRM, Vobe Service and Vobe Workflow. Need a bit more freedom? With Vobe Custom you can build your own solution limited only by your own creativity.

Vobe Custom

Do you want to combine multiple solutions or modules? Or create your own cloud-solution? Vobe Custom is the way to go. Not even the sky is the limit!

Vobe Unity

Unite all your enterprise apps, applications, devices and data into one dashboard and platform. Get one overview of your customers or any other object. Add workflows, send or synchronise data real time with other apps.

Vobe CRM

Vobe CRM is a simple and comprehensive customer relationship management solution. Outsmart your competition and optimize your sales process dynamically.

Vobe Service

Provide your customers with excellent service using our helpdesk service software. Our cloud software is suitable for any industry. Trace support tickets, prioritize notifications and more.

Vobe Workflow

Set up your own workflow and unite all departments. Your workflows, structured and smarter. Streamline every process within your organisation.

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VobeSoft is constantly innovating, expanding and improving by creating new solutions based on the VobeSoft platform. Contact us regarding the solutions below:

Vobe Automotive

Garage management, fleet management, work orders, automated service intervals, maintenance intervals, signaling, fleet control, on-board computer synchronization (IoT), inspections and more. Everything is stored, planned and processed in the VobeSoft Automotive cloud.

Vobe Archiving (DMS)

Use VobeSoft as a digital archive. Let us help you archive your data. All your business information, history, dossiers and files can easily be found in a clear cloud environment.

Vobe Billing

Automate your billing process and work faster. Create Quotations and use SEPA debits . Give your customers the convenience of digital signing.

Vobe Software Development

Keep track of projects, bugs, to-do's in our fresh and easy-to-use software tracking tool. Prioritize, use your planning methodology, create workflows and create personalized backlogs. Communicate real-time with customers and configure triggers and notifications.

Vobe Contact Manager

The most dynamic and easy-to-use contact manager. Upload files, make notes and keep track of history, reminders and deadlines.

Vobe Dynamic Dossier Management

Create dossiers for all your relevant business data, customizable at all times. Manage everything directly in the cloud.

Vobe Asset Management

The next-gen asset management tool. It integrates seamlessly with corresponding business processes. Configurable and changeable on the spot.

Vobe Medical and Portal

Manage your clients as never before. Create careplans and keep track of progress. Offer a personal login environment in which clients can inspect their own data.

The solution for every line of work

VobeSoft has a solution for every industry. Whether you are working in finance or a non-profit organization. VobeSoft has the solution that fits your organization.

We are currently active in the following line of businesses:



Real estate

Production and industries

Communication and media




General and technical support services




Legal affairs





Want to know what VobeSoft can do for your organization? Take a look of our preceding cases.

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