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Februari 2023

Customer portal V2, flags for files & more

Dynamic customer portal generation

Were we already had a dynamically configurable back office platform, our customer portal (front office) only had some basic configurable options. With this upgrade, we have transformed the portal into a fully dynamic portal that can be configured to meet any use case.

This also means that all widgets of the back office can now be used to create dynamic dashboards, including graphs, lists, and integrations with other software like PowerBI. This allows you to display the information that matters most to your customers in the format that makes the most sense for your business.

Customer portal example

With this drastic improvement over the previous version, we can offer unlimited flexibility and greater personalization options like logo, colors, custom domain and SSO and create an even better experience for the customers of our customers.

Learn more about the customer portal->

File flagging

Every now and then, we have awesome user feedback sessions. This feature came from our latest meeting, and the whole group loved it, so we started working on it immediately!

With our new file flagging feature integrated into our file manager, you can now (you might have guessed it already) flag files. These flags can have multiple colors and be sorted by color, making organizing and identifying your files much easier for everybody working within the same item. Do you want to start using this feature for yourself? Right-click on any of your files inside the files tab and assign a flag.

File flagging in the file manager

We are always looking for more great ideas to improve the platform for all users. Do you want to be included in these user feedback sessions? Just email us at, and we will be in touch!

🦋 Improvements

  • Added the upload date as a column for the files tab

🪲 Bug fixes

  • Long text fields don't update when you only change styling
  • Drag and drop for uploads is not working
  • Search order should default from new to old and not old to new
  • Realized dossier description is not working for linked items
  • Regex for URL recognision doesn't match all types of URL's
  • File extensions should support their uppercase variant