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    Capture leads, track sales pipelines, and manage contacts— all in one place.

    Manage your relationships like a pro in a 360 degree customer view Vobe CRM is more than just a CRM system. Vobe CRM is an innovative platform specializing in relationship management and sales. This way, you have access to all important information anytime, anywhere. Plan your tasks and maintain your relationships in the cloud, get a clear insight into your leads and share your progress with your colleagues. Everything in one clear overview. With Vobe CRM, you manage your relationships and your backoffice like a pro.


    What are the main benefits of using Vobe 



    • Capture leads
      Connect marketing efforts to your CRM by capturing and importing leads: either through embedded web forms or by directly importing your data.
    • Track sales pipelines
      Visualize where all deals stand at a glance with unlimited sales pipelines. Manage accounts by priority, deal size, expected close date, and more.
    • Store and manage contacts
      Maintain complete visibility into all contact-related information in one view, including deals, tasks, quotes, and activities.
    • Generate insights to optimize success
      Gain instant clarity with visual dashboards that help analyze the sales pipeline, forecasted and actual revenue, deals by rep, and team capacity.

    Centralize all your work with integrations

    Connect VobeSoft with the tools you already use to have all your team's work in one place. Integrations help you automatically move information or perform tasks between VobeSoft and other apps.

    This template works best with these integrations


    The integrations recommended below are based on how real teams use this template. Remember every template is completely customizable, so feel free to add or remove integrations to find what works best for you.