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How Heemzaethe configured a next generation customer service system giving them 360 degree overview




in administrative work



in response times

The solution

Heemzaethe has configured a complete next generation customer service management system. VobeSoft serves as a total back office for Heemzaethe. It includes CRM, helpdesk, customer service and workflow management. Millions of records have been imported without problems from previous systems. This way we could generate a 360 degree customer overview/cockpit for them. Customers tickets and all relevant data centralized in 1 system, real-time. As a platform that welcomes change they are always able to add new features and make changes to templates.

Customer service & helpdesk

All e-mails, telephone notifications or other contacts are entering and beeing processed at within VobeSoft. These contacts are automatically created as a ticket within Vobesoft. Subsequently, these tickets end up in a workflow configured by Heemzaethe.

Ticketing & mailing

Mail from customers is placed directly under the right customer file + into the right workflow. Standard mail templates and signatures can be configured.


Various workflows have been defined. Tickets, tasks, opportunities enter within shared workflow lists. Critical tickets are immediately recognized and pop-up in a different workflow list than tickets with a lower priority. Everything is refreshed real-time.


  • Automated customer processes
  • cost savings realized on process area
  • faster response times towards customers
"Many different companies (or even branches) use the same software, so they have to adapt to the software, we see this differently, change is good! While this is often blocked by inflexible software in the digital age we are in today. The software has to adapt to the business processes at any time, saving you a lot of money and a lot of time. VobeSoft evolves with our daily business"

Jeroen Dietvorst

CEO, Heemzaethe