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How Met en Co stayed in charge of their business operations and brought structure to their processes

Met en Co



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Meet Met en Co

Our market is constantly in motion. Therefore it’s important that our business operations are flexible, work efficiently and effectively. This is the only way we can stay competitive and ahead of our competitors. What we needed was a platform that grows side by side with us and digitizes and automates different work processes.

Because of VobeSoft we can now register all information regarding employees, vehicles and repairs or any other object / file in our business. All the information we need is available in the VobeSoft enterprise cloud. Due clear communication, integrations and workflows all employees know what their tasks are. We were able to configure the VobeSoft platform in a way that it meets all our needs. This does not only make it effective but also personal. We saved time and money. Excellent service is what sets Met & Co apart from their competition. The only way we can provide this service, is with the help of an efficient back office platform. "Our vehicles will automatically be recalled to the workshop when they need maintenance. This is just one of many advantages.”

The solution

VobeSoft is connected to all of Met & Co’s vehicles. Whenever one of the cars need maintenance, a notification will appear in the VobeSoft backoffice. Customers can submit their incidents on the Met & Co website. These complaints will automatically be assigned to the right person. This way, all incidents will be dealt with quickly and effectively. In short: VobeSoft unites all business departments creating faster and more efficient collaboration between the garage workshop, the helpdesk and our planners.

Garage operations, fleet management and inventory

Work orders, automated service intervals, maintenance intervals, signaling repairs, fleet control, on-board computer synchronization, checkups, and more. Everything secured in the VobeSoft cloud.

Workplace & workforce planning

Know when and what kind of appointments are set for which vehicles at a glance. Prioritized and organized within VobeSoft’s cloud platform: calendar, status and availability of vehicles or other objects in one view.

Customer service and complaints management

Met and Co offers her customers and suppliers a so called landing platform to make requests. Clear and structured. Complaints, incidents or service requests are handled professionally.

Worfklow management

Workflow management helps departments and employees to work together efficiently and effectively. Each employee is connected to one or more processes. VobeSoft Workflow management empowers and enables every employee to see their relevant tasks.

Staff file management

Personnel assessments, contracts, incidents, contract expiration dates and personal information are digitally archived in the VobeSoft cloud.


Through a generated web form vehicle reservations will appear in the Met en Co back office. VobeSoft makes sure these reservations will be directed to the correct workflow. These reservations can come from any device or app.


  • Professional maintenance processes
  • Notifications about important events (e.g.
  • maintenance notifications)
  • More control on every level of business and associated departments
  • More efficient processes
  • Better and faster service
  • Better cooperation between colleagues and business units
  • Cost savings in FTE's and cash
  • More scalable and flexible business management
  • HRM processes optimized hence giving more clarity to employer and employee
  • Garage/workshop processes optimized by ensuring that vehicles are maintenanced on time
"VobeSoft helps us to stay in charge of our business operations. It brings structure to our processes, scales with us, and increases our service capabilities. The VobeSoft platform played a crucial role in creating an IT eco-system architecture."

Cees Buur

CEO, Met en Co