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Mei 2023

May 2023 - System tabs permissions, item template duplication & a lot more

Permissions for system tabs

When your configuration inside VobeSoft grows, you will notice that your item will start to get more and more tabs. Our previously released conditional logic made it possible to hide/show tabs based on the context of the filled-in values. With permissions for system tabs, we are taking the user experience up another notch.

Previously, everyone had access to all system tabs, sometimes leading to a cluttered workspace for certain roles. Now, with our new permissions feature, administrators can control the visibility of these system tabs based on user roles. This enables a cleaner, more streamlined interface for users, showing only the relevant tabs to their specific role.

System tabs permissions example

By strategically hiding certain system tabs, you simplify the user experience and increase system security by limiting access to sensitive information based on user roles. For example, you can hide the files tab from general users while still providing access to power users.

As always, we're eager to see how you will use this feature to further streamline your team's work environment.

Duplicate your item templates

To give you more flexibility and convenience in managing your workflows, we now give you the possibility to duplicate item templates.

In the past, testing modifications or new setups could be a laborious task, risking unintended consequences for items you were actively using. With this new feature, administrators can effortlessly create duplicates of item templates, allowing for safe and isolated testing.

This means you can experiment with changes, try out different configurations, or create backup versions without affecting your existing templates. It's all about giving you the freedom to innovate while maintaining the integrity of your original setups.

No longer limit your creativity, and start experimenting with your workflows!

🦋 Improvements

  • You are now able to filter on a user field inside the calander view (for example only see your own meetings)
  • You can now define if you want your portal users to be able to tag your normal (backoffice) users
  • Export to PDF now includes images from your long text fields
  • Signature field shows the person who signed it (now you no longer have to visit the history page to see this info)
  • Inactive users are now visible in the history tab as "Inactive user" instead of showing up empty
  • "Flat" lists are now also able to make use of the conditional logic
  • When your role or rights are updated you now get a notification inside the application
  • When a list tab has 0 fields you are now presented with a nice message telling you this is happening
  • You are now able to filter your users on all, active and inactive inside your users overview

🪲 Bug fixes

  • Dashboard templates don't delete when you delete the creator
  • Currency notation in a list doesn't use dots or comma's (depending on your locale) to seperate values above 100
  • Dossier overview sometimes shows +99 when there is only 1 option
  • Deleting a connected item doesn't always delete it from the connected list but shows up as an empty row